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The most fuel-efficient Google and Facebook ads focused on e-commerce sales


Loved by 100+ Hyper-Growth start-ups and brands


Ads Automations

Access to Facebook and Google APIs enables us to automate media buying with intelligent algorithms to substantially increase ROI and successfully put ads on auto pilot with 24*7 optimization to drive the best results

Qualitative Optimization

Our algorithms optimize with performance data, not arbitrary rules. With clear understanding of the sales feedback loop of user acquisition, engagement, CLV along with custom attribution modeling

Intent Based Optimization

Our algorithm discerns customer intentions by coupling psychographic and demographic information with time of day, content a person engages with, their specific interest on that page.

Personalized Ads

We will be simultaneously promoting various audiences as well as multiple creative and will map the best performing campaign to the audience and will scale on the best performing campaigns

In India, 75% of PPC budgets are being wasted on wrong targeting still today

Ad Channels To Leverage

Search Ads

Advertise via Google, Bing & Yahoo Search Ads to boost high intent traffic for capturing lowest hanging sales

Social Ads

Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.

Display Ads

Leverage relevant users from machine curated placements to scale up your sales to next level

Video Ads

Advertise on You Tube to stay ahead of your competitors

Retargeting Ads

Bring back 97% of your visitors and obtain high conversion rates

Mobile Ads

Reach out to a wider audience with varied interests and demographics

See how we delivered a transaction lift of 70% as we targeted and defined custom KPIs for a high-end Kitchenware brand.

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Our Execution Approach

Exhaustive Research

Do you have trouble expanding your online presence and bringing in new clients? Allow us to assist you.

We would thoroughly review your landing pages, creatives, marketing, and overall reaction to determine the key elements influencing the bulk of your transactions.

An comprehensive list is created for Google Search by meticulously compiling data and then inferring patterns from search volumes and trends. We use a unique grid modelling methodology for Facebook and Display in order to match the appropriate creatives with the appropriate audience.

Customised Algorithm and Analytics-Driven Ad Management

We create plans for the allocation of resources among various audiences and creatives after carefully weighing the insights and data gathered from all platforms, and we then dynamically track the results.

In order to guarantee continuous performance and optimisation, we also automate rules and modify algorithms to better fit your account.

Ad units and their mapping are posted to the appropriate audiences and made live only after each parameter has undergone a quality check.

Campaign Optimisation and Reaching the Right People

The performance of campaigns determines whether to scale them up or down. The frequency of routine monitoring and optimisation increases with scale. We continuously monitor data using our internal automated systems.Your website or app would receive more high-quality traffic, and we would even retarget that traffic depending on its propensity to make a purchase.

Essentially, we would go with the following two routes:
● Direct Ads -> Landing page -> transactions
● Direct Ads -> Landing page (with no transactions in a particular time frame) -> Retargeting Ads ->transactions

Advanced Reporting and Insights

Using comparative and relative results, our in-house analytics engine gathers pertinent data from all of your platforms and presents it on a single data view, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

With the help of built-in algorithms and robust mathematical correlations, it provides in-depth analysis and answers to issues that would otherwise appear too abstract to address. In order to enhance performance and optimise better, we also develop insights based on the data gathered.

Augmenting Engagement and Conversions

Increasing engagement and conversions from your important landing pages and improving marketing return on investment will be the main objectives of the plan. We will optimise for relevant traffic and engaged users in the first phase. Next, shift your attention to key performance indicators (KPIs) like transaction volume and ROI.

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