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Leverage GDN, Youtube & Native Ad Networks for additional scale

In recent years, Google's algorithm for ranking content has undergone significant changes. With AI-driven SEO, you can outlive the ever-changing landscape and challenging search engine results pages.


We are one of the top Premier Partner Agencies for both Google and Meta

Loved by 300+ Hyper-Growth start-ups and brands

Our Focus

Despite being a relatively recent occurrence on the internet, native advertising has become rather popular in the online advertising industry.

Premium native advertisements viewed on a smartphone have a click-through rate of up to 0.38%. Native ads are incredibly entertaining and perfectly suited for mobile devices. According to 2018 data, the average CTR on desktop is 0.16%, which is half that of mobile but far higher than display ads. Here, engagement rather than conversions is the campaign's goal:

  •  Average Session Duration
  •  Cost per engaged user
  •  Bounce Rate


Ads Automations

Access to Ad Network APIs enables us to automate media buying with intelligent algorithms to substantially increase ROI and successfully put ads on auto pilot with 24*7 optimization to drive the best results

Qualitative Optimization

Our algorithms optimize with performance data, not arbitrary rules. With clear understanding of the sales feedback loop of user acquisition, engagement, CLV along with custom attribution modeling

Intent Based Optimization

Our algorithm discerns customer intentions by coupling psychographic and demographic information with time of day, content a person engages with, their specific interest on that page.

Personalized Ads

We will be simultaneously promoting various audiences and multiple creative and will map the best performing campaign to the audience and scale on the best performing campaigns

Our Execution Strategy

Exhaustive Audience Research

In order to map the audiences with the appropriate creative channels of communication, we use a unique grid modelling process. This aids in the creation of numerous audience segments using both hard and soft parameters.

– Hard parameters consist of Placements, Language, and so forth. Hard Parameters have a 100% accuracy rate, making them ideal for incredibly accurate targeting.

– Soft Parameters include User Interests, User Behaviours, etc.

We meticulously design distinct audience segments to prevent overlap, facilitating precise measurement of each segment's impact. This approach eliminates external influences, enabling us to identify optimal parameters for maximizing return on investment from our campaigns.

Data-Driven Social Ad Management

We allocate spending across audience buckets and creative LOCs based on insights from Ad channels like GDN and Native. To prevent Ad Fatigue, we dynamically rotate advertisements.

To guarantee continuous performance and reduce ad waste, we adapt algorithms to your account funnel benchmarks and automate optimisation.

When it comes to mass-scale ad uploading, our in-house ad-tech platform Web Interest is vital to growing our client delivery efforts.

Campaign Optimisation and Reaching the People based on their funnel step

Increasing and decreasing the campaigns' size is determined by how well they perform. The larger the size, the more often it must be optimised and monitored. We monitor in real-time to prevent waste using our in-house developed application, Webinterest.

Our main goals will be to increase your quality traffic and retarget your audience based on their purchase intent.

Essentially, we would go with the following two routes:

● Direct Ads -> Landing page -> conversions
● Direct Ads -> Landing page (with no conversions in a particular time frame) -> Retargeting Ads ->conversions

Custom Attribution

We determine the effects that various attribution models have on the pricing of your marketing channels, campaigns, audiences, and advertisements. For example, the First Interaction attribution model will give a channel with a greater Conversion Value than the Last Interaction attribution model if it mostly initiates conversion paths.

Advanced Reporting and Insights

Our analytics solution, Webinterest, gathers data from all of your platforms and presents it in one location so that a user can make defensible judgements based on comparisons. By employing strong mathematical correlations and built-in algorithms, it provides in-depth analytics and answers to problems that would otherwise appear too abstract to address. We also provide insights based on the gathered data to enhance optimisation and performance.

If you want to improve your ad performance – to dramatically improve your ROI, Conversion rate and profits, then claim your 1 Hr FREE (for limited time) Ad Strategy session.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

We’ve looked at a lot of online solutions but these guys were always the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with.

The team at Web interest was a delight to work with. Their data-led approach, top-notch standardized reporting, and sharp analysis made the launch of ShriandSam a success.