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ShriandSam-Success Story (Website)


December. 15, 2023


Strategising Growth through Analytics: Improving overall system efficiency for ShriandSam

ShriandSam is one of the most trustworthy brands in India. It offers the best-in-class Stainless Steel products.

Customer Website:



Products used:


Technologies Used:

Data Dashboard, Ad Automation,Data Stitching, Full Funnel Visibility

The Challenge:

Scattered data across multiple platforms was proving to be a major obstacle when it came to the brand’s overall growth. Moreover, the brand was struggling to optimize its performance because of:
– Lack of availability of real time, actionable data
– Low visibility of actual numbers coming from Sampling
– Manual stitching of data leaving scope for human error

The Objective:

The primary objective for the brand was to identify a way that can bring data which was scattered across different platforms, devices, and sources to a commonplace. Hence, leading to easy consumption and analysis of data.

The Strategy:

We were tasked to meticulously design a process that would lead to efficient cross platform & full funnel data stitching in order to achieve a standardized template for data analysis. This was done with an aim to derive actionable insights. A complex structure was implemented that involved major pillars like EasyInsights, a marketing data intelligence platform, Pixel implementation, Real time LND attribution along with other advanced algorithms.

The Execution:

1. Data Gathering from Various Sources:
- Repetitive hits to the Google Analytics API for unsampled data.
- Collection of data from all ad platforms through API hits.

2. Real-time Tracking with Pixel Implementation:
- Pixel implementation on ShriandSam's website to directly track purchases in real-time.
- Providing dashboards and accurate data during Flash sales for immediate ROI tracking.

3. Advanced Algorithms for Marketing Spend Allocation:
- Development of advanced algorithms for allocating marketing spends against different products.
- Collaboration with the ShriandSam team to determine marketing spends and corresponding revenue for each product.

4. Full-funnel Data Visibility:
- Holistic visibility of the entire marketing funnel.
- Real-time attribution, helping in decision-making for product mix and pricing.

5. Insights for Product Mix and Pricing:
- Identification of products/categories generating more ROI.
- Balancing product mix based on real-time data.
- Improved inventory management through demand prediction.

The Results

20% increase in system efficiency

Our initiative helped ShriandSam to analyze marketing performance across
aspects that eventually helped them increase their marketing ROAS and
overall scale

Since the data was made available on a real-time basis, the entire
decision-making and optimisation was without any time delay. This
eventually helped in the plugging of ad wastage and leakages.

Growth rate increased due to increase in efficiency and this helped catapult
ShriandSam to greater heights and become a household name in the entire