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PP Publications-Success Story (Website)


December. 15, 2023


Strategising Growth through Analytics: Improving overall system efficiency for PP Publications

PP Publications prints and distributes activity based worksheets, English Grammar, Environmental Studies, Mathematics, Lab Manuals, and Hindi Vyakaran.

Customer Website:



Products used:


Technologies Used:

Data Dashboard, Ad Automation,Data Stitching, Full Funnel Visibility

The Challenge:

The brand faced a significant challenge with dispersed data across various platforms, hindering its overall growth. Additionally, performance optimization proved challenging due to factors such as the absence of real-time, actionable data, limited visibility of accurate numbers from sampling, and manual data stitching, introducing the possibility of human error.

The Objective:

The brand's main goal was to find a solution to consolidate data scattered across diverse platforms, devices, and sources into a central location. This initiative aimed to facilitate straightforward data consumption and analysis.

The Strategy:

We were tasked with intricately designing a process to facilitate efficient cross-platform and full-funnel data stitching for the purpose of establishing a standardized template for data analysis. The goal was to extract actionable insights. A complex framework was implemented, incorporating key elements like WebInterest, a marketing data intelligence platform, Pixel implementation, Real-time LND attribution, and various advanced algorithms.

The Execution:

For PP Publications supplying books to schools, integrate the WebInterest platform to gather real-time insights into schools' preferences. Tailor content to align with curriculum standards, run targeted digital campaigns, and offer customized packages. Engage educators, ensure responsive customer service, and use data-driven decision-making to refine strategies continuously. Collect feedback for ongoing improvement, making WebInterest a pivotal tool in optimizing the supply chain and enhancing the overall effectiveness of educational offerings.

The Results

Achieving a 20% increase in system efficiency, our initiative empowered PP Publications to analyze marketing performance comprehensively, resulting in improved marketing Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and overall scalability. Real-time data availability eliminated time delays in decision-making and optimization, effectively addressing ad wastage and leakages. The heightened efficiency contributed to an increased growth rate, propelling PP Publications to become a recognized name across the entire industry.