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HELIOS-Success Story (Website)


December. 15, 2023


Strategising Growth through Analytics: Improving overall system efficiency for HELIOS INDIA

Helios India is one of the most trustworthy brands in India. It offers the best-in-class Shoe Care Products.

Customer Website:



Products used:


Technologies Used:

Data Dashboard, Ad Automation,Data Stitching, Full Funnel Visibility

The Challenge:

Dispersed information spread across various platforms emerged as a significant hindrance to the overall expansion of the brand. Furthermore, the brand encountered challenges in enhancing its efficiency due to the following factors: a scarcity of readily available real-time, actionable data, limited visibility of accurate figures derived from sampling, and the manual integration of data, thereby allowing room for potential human errors.

The Objective:

The brand's main goal was to discover a method to consolidate data dispersed across diverse platforms, devices, and sources into a unified location. Consequently, this would facilitate the straightforward consumption and analysis of the data.

The Strategy:

Our assignment involved the careful formulation of a process designed to achieve effective cross-platform and full-funnel data integration, ultimately establishing a standardized template for data analysis. The objective was to extract actionable insights from this approach. To accomplish this, a sophisticated structure was implemented, incorporating key components such as Web Interest, a marketing data intelligence platform, Pixel implementation, real-time LND attribution, and various advanced algorithms.

The Execution:

We employed the Web Interest platform for data intelligence, streamlining interactions with the Google Analytics API to gather unsampled data from various ad platforms. Implementing pixel tracking on Helios India's website ensured real-time purchase monitoring, offering immediate ROI insights during Flash sales. Real-time Last Non-Direct (LND) attribution models, along with advanced algorithms, enabled precise allocation of marketing spend, proving invaluable for campaign success. This comprehensive visibility enhanced flash sales effectiveness, optimized product mix, and pricing, and provided insights for better inventory management.

The Results

A 20% boost in system efficiency was achieved through our initiative. This effort empowered Helios India to comprehensively analyze marketing performance, leading to an enhanced return on advertising spend (ROAS) and overall scaling. Real-time data availability facilitated prompt decision-making and optimization, eliminating time delays and preventing ad wastage and leakages. The increased growth rate resulting from heightened efficiency propelled Helios India to new heights, establishing it as a household name across the entire country.